About Us

We value the lived experience of all those we work with and support, and wellbeing is at the core of the support we offer

The Ella Dawson Foundation was established as a legacy to Ella Dawson and the life she lived well and to continue the work she started in helping other young adults with a cancer diagnosis


The Ella Dawson Foundation works alongside a team of experts to enable young adults, aged 18-30 yrs old, and their families and carers access tailored wellbeing support packages unique to their needs at any stage of their cancer diagnosis within a safe, supporting and likeminded community.

The Ella Dawson Foundation is here to help you live well, feel well, eat well and move well with and beyond cancer.

Perhaps your cancer diagnosis has been the catalyst to reach out and search for wellbeing, lifestyle and peer to peer support? Many people find that this is a positive way of feeling better, regaining some normality and control of health, managing treatment-related adverse effects of cancer treatment and living as well and positively as possible.

When Ella was diagnosed she found that wellbeing support tailored towards the unique needs of young adults with cancer in the UK was limited. She then set out to shape a blueprint of how young adults with cancer could be better supported holistically.