Families & Carers


Having a child, sister, brother or partner diagnosed with cancer is a traumatic and frightening experience as routines, relationships and daily life are turned upside down and fear, anxiety, financial and relationship worries can set in.
Feel Connected, Feel Understood, Feel Purpose, Feel Heard

How we can help you?

We know that the family focus switches to looking after the person with cancer and we know what a scary place this can be for parents, carers and siblings.  

We provide a wide range of support services for mums, dads, siblings, partners and carers.

Through Our Programmes you can receive:
  • 1-2-1 sessions with our counsellor online, or in-person (Huddersfield based).
  • Life Notes Mindfulness & Productivity Journal
  • Online or In-person Yoga (Northern Based)
  • Online Recipes
  • Wellbeing Days & Breaks Away

register online

or contact tasha@elladawsonfoundation.org.uk to register for support.