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James is a 19-year-old lad who loves his football, fishing and films. James was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma shortly after finishing his first year of university. James has created a website to share his journey and talks about the importance

James has created his own website and blog to help document his journey through and beyond cancer, and help raise awareness of young adult cancer and Hodgkins Lymphoma. 

My Journey...
I was studying film production at the University of Salford and was loving every minute of it. Going to media city and being in that environment was a dream come true! Creating films with my friends and getting high praise from lecturers, making friends, living the student life, my Uni experience was amazing.
Visiting home one day, I saw a golf ball-sized lump in my collarbone area. It was uncomfortable, but it did go away. It came back stronger, moving to my collarbone and then to the side of my neck where a visible lump could be seen. My Mum took me to the doctor, but we kept getting the same answer: that it was swollen lymph glands.
I finished my first year of Uni, and was back home at the end of May. I'd noticed my armpit was swollen and it was painful, so we went back to the doctors. They wanted me to have a blood test to see why it kept coming back. The results said that I was slightly anaemic and my rate of infection was high but everything else on the chart seemed to be normal. I went for a further check with another doctor, who while examining me, found lumps in my chest and hip area. This is where the term cancer was brought up by the doctor. After going to see more doctors and doing different tests I got the diagnosis that I have Hodgkin Lymphoma. 
As I write this, I have started my chemo treatment. I have only had one round, which is three days of chemo and then a break. It is really tough, it completely drains me and makes me feel ill. I will start having injections that help to increase my white blood cell count, so my immune system is strong again.I have had a PICC line fitted, I didn’t want to have needles going into my hand. This just saves so much time and is easier for when I am having my chemo treatment. It is basically a line that goes from my arm into one of my veins, to the edge of my heart and yes, it is permanent for the whole time I am having my treatment.  James Bushnell Blog Post, 'My Journey', (

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After reaching out to the Ella Dawson Foundation, James completed our 10 week exercise programme, nutrition consultation and diet plan and took part in 5K Your Way with us. James brought his film experience as he got in front of the camera in helping us create our recent charity video talk. James talks about how wellbeing has been important to him during his cancer journey, you can watch here: