Monthly Breath & Relax Series with Sophie Trew

We are excited to launch 6 monthly breathwork workshops: All will include gentle movement and yoga stretches, a guided breathing journey and relaxing meditations which can be done in the comfort of your home. Each month Sophie will guide you through techn

Come join us to breathe, relax and reset. 

This series of breathing and relaxation workshops will support you to have more energy to spend on the things that matter most to you. You'll breathe in a group of others who get it and support you to feel less isolated. These sessions will use the simplest, yet one of the most supportive health tools available to you – your breath. Combined with a mix of tools and techniques, such as self-massage, sound, gentle movement and visualisation, we will open up the respiratory system — sometimes for the first time — bringing in energy and relaxation. These guided breathwork sessions can release tension, stress & anxiety, improve mental clarity and give you the space to let go of negative mind chatter and reset. The way you breathe affects every system and function in your body- including your immune system and digestive system. You’ll end the session ready for a deep sleep and feeling relaxed- hopefully!

About Sophie Trew

Hi, I'm Sophie, I work as a Breathwork Coach and Holistic Cancer Guide. I work to empower people beyond a diagnosis to take an active role in their health, to feel more energised, to learn different tools that can help them feel better mentally, physically and spiritually. 

After being diagnosed with blood cancer in 2014 when I was 23, I became my own guide spending years researching and training in holistic health. I now have almost 10 years of study and experience in the field of holistic health. I work with 1-on-1 clients in a personalised, trauma-informed way using breathwork, nervous system tools, mindset coaching, meditations and relaxation techniques. 

If you would like to read more about Sophie and the work she does, please visit here website

Breath & Relax Series

You are invited to join our monthly breath and relax sessions held on the last Tuesday of each month, January until June. The sessions will include gentle movement and yoga stretches, a guided breathing journey and relaxing meditations which can be done in the comfort of your home. Sessions will be held via zoom, and we welcome you to join us for the whole series, or please feel free to dip in and out. 

You can read here a little more information on each of the sessions:

Session 1: Tuesday 30th January @ 6:30pm

Guided Breathwork & relaxation tools for anxiety: In this workshop you learn how the way you breathe can help you to feel less anxious, you'll learn practical and inspiring tools to calm your busy mind and end with a relaxing meditation. Missed out? Don't worry, we can send you the session recording just get in touch :)

Session 2: Tuesday 27th February @ 6:30pm 

Guided Breathwork & relaxation tools for sleep and switching off after a busy day: Cancer treatments and the aftermath can have an impact on sleep and the quality of our sleep. In this workshop you'll learn how your breathing can support you to have a deeper rest, fall asleep quicker and have more energy throughout the day. We'll end with a nourishing sleep meditation. 

Session 3: Tuesday 26th March @ 6:30pm  

Guided Breathwork & relaxation tools to reduce fatigue and brain fog: One of the main side effects we all experience after cancer treatment is brain fog (chemo brain) and fatigue, in this workshop you'll learn ways to help yourself when you experience these. 90% of your energy comes from oxygen, and so learning to breathe deeper can help you to reduce fatigue and have more energy throughout the day. 

Session 4: Tuesday 30th April @ 6:30pm 

Guided Breathwork & relaxation tools for building confidence and trust: In this workshop you'll learn how your breathing and different techniques can support you to rebuild a feeling of confidence, trust and feel better about moving forward after a diagnosis. 

Session 5: Tuesday 28th May @ 6:30pm  

Guided Breathwork & relaxation tools for letting go of stress and tension: When we are stressed or tense our breath tends to be shallow, we may hold our breath or feel tension in our bodies. In this workshop you'll be guided with self-massage and your breathing to let go of old tension and stress. You'll end the session feeling lighter and more hopeful. 

Session 6: Tuesday 25th June @ 6:30pm  

Guided Breathwork & relaxation tools for building purpose and identity: In this workshop we will bring the focus inward and work through techniques to help identify your sense of self and build purpose in our day-to-day lives. 

Joining Instructions

These sessions are available for young adults with a cancer diagnosis, aged 18-30 years, and up to two years post completion of active treatment. We invite families, partners and carers to sign up too if they wish. Please register with the Ella Dawson Foundation here if you have not already accessed our services.

Please sign up to sessions you would like to attend via the button below, once you are signed up you will receive a confirmation email with all joining instructions you need with the zoom link :) 

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This breathworks programme is delivered by Sophie Trew and subject to Sophie Trew’s T&C’s which can be viewed using the link inserted.