Full-time Integrative Therapist Funded by the Ella Dawson Foundation

We are very proud to announce the Ella Dawson Foundation is fully funding the new role of a full-time Integrative Therapist for teenagers and young adults at The Christie, Manchester

“This role will become one of the most impactful services we have. The experience for our young people and their families will be incredible. We’re so lucky that the Ella Dawson Foundation have offered the Christie to be the pilot site.” Hanna Simpson, Teenage & Young Adult Lead Nurse

Over the last year, we are very proud to have been working with Hanna Simpson and The Christie to fully fund a new full time Integrative Therapist role at one of the country’s leading hospitals for young people with cancer.

The Ella Dawson Foundation has donated full funds for a Band 6 nurse trained in complementary therapy in a 12-month pilot scheme at The Christie Hospital, in Manchester, a Principal Treatment Centre (PTC) for teenagers and young adults with cancer. 

It is hoped the new role will help ease the often gruelling and highly medicalised journeys of the 270 young people and their families who are treated at The Christie every year.

“Ella had excellent care at The Christie and everyone went above and beyond. We know she would have been proud to see a full-time therapist support that medical care. Our hope is that, if this pilot is successful, we will look to permanently fund it and expand it to other hospitals.”

The new role is out at advert, to apply and see the job description please visit: https://www.christie.nhs.uk/work.../latest-opportunities...